Crypto Eats Scam

Crypto Eats SCAM promoted by UK-based celebrities too investors money and completely disappeared. The creators mocked up a logo, got Tick Tock influencers to promote it (and one to wear its swag on a video), apparently threw a party, and announced the EATS token through a press release that went out over a service.

Crypto Eats had raised $8 million in Series A funding. The Crypto Eats website claimed it had “hundreds of restaurants It promised coffee delivery within five minutes at the press of a button, and promised potential workers a pension contribution and guaranteed salary. Ahead of the token sale, it even got influencers to wear Crypto Eats-branded delivery uniforms.

Soon after launching token sales this weekend, blockchain records show, the Crypto Eats developer wallet transferred roughly $500,000 in Binance Coin into various wallets and the project completely disappeared off the internet without releasing its promised app. Its Instagram, Telegram, and website are gone. And like many other NFT and BSC token rug pulls, its investors are screwed. An email sent to the address listed on Crypto Eats’ press released immediately bounced back.

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