Man Lost A Fortune Three Times After Stupidly Buying Cryptocurrency Based On Rumours 不不不不

The trader brought Cardano as soon as it went live but its price tanked leaving the trader at a huge loss.

The keen investor didn’t give up on new coins and bought into SHIB after hearing rumours that it had been found in Tesla’s source code and would potentially be used as a payment option for the company and then lost again.

It turns out the rumour about SHIB was not true and left the trader in the red once again.

Shiba Inu is a coin that was created off the back of Dogecoin, which has the same dog as its logo.

The third and last time was before the new coin Matic was announced and the trader bought up the coin too close to the announcement date.

And Guess what? It tanked 不不不不

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